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Just Listen

Just Listen

The story of Jay and Elle , two musicians from two different worlds, both of them looking for closure for their grieving hearts. An unexpected friendship blossoms between them and they realise that all their answers lie in two words: Just listen.

"My Music Is For You, Always And Forever. . . I Play For You Because You Prayed For Me. I Play For You Because You Play For Me."

Just Listen - 1 by Storyteller21Just Listen - Epilogue by Storyteller21

My OC's

Commission: Storyteller21 by andireePoint-commish 2: Elle and Jay by nightmarez0mbieJazz + Lily by sarumankaPoint Commission: Storyteller21 by NoArtistOzErica :commission: by calendaeCommission: Erica by SaraSaeed95Family Bonds by sarumankaCommission_1: Storyteller21 by andireeCommission: Aaron n Jay by ShineDUSP. Commission - Storyteller21 (2) by VanonzerP. Commission- Storyteller21 by VanonzerCommission_2: Storyteller21 by andireeCommission_3: Storyteller21 by andiree

Random Favourites of the Week

Papa and his princess by DYMxGolden Sunset by AlexGutkinAnchor by GretluskyThe Marauders by IzziBelleRoyal Mosque by faizan47Zutara Week 2012 - Heartstrings | Faded | Seasons by siquiaFireflies by incredibruI'm not a nerd. by andreachichizolaDisney Magic by UntamedUnwantedSasuSaku by iviscond

Random from Mariamukaji

Ruffle X by mariamukajiTime by mariamukajiEchoes by mariamukajiPoint Commission: Mariamukaji by NoArtistOzHow Do I Live by sarumankaAyame by caecommissionWhite blossoms by mariamukaji



Allie Q

I'm just another writer trying to improve =) I actually want to be a published author, but I wasn't sure that all the ideas I had bouncing around in my head were stories anyone would be interested in reading, so putting them on DA is sort of an experiment. It was a leap to put my work here and I'm glad I have, I've interacted with some very wonderful and helpful people because of it =D and I've also managed to finish an entire novel, so that is some Class A encouragement. Recently I have decided to give back to this lovely community by way of leaving very long, very crazy (in my opinion at least) feedback comments on things I like and I just can't keep quiet about how lovely it is. So, if you want someone to give you an honest impression of your work (if you're a writer, you'll get much more detail because I love reading) just drop me a line and I'll try to be as helpful as I can :)

As of 14th June 2013, I am an archaeologist :w00t:
As of 10th December 2014 I have a Masters Degree in Landscape Archaeology

My number one favourite person on this site is my younger sister mariamukaji she is the sweetest person I will ever know and she's an inspiration and I'm too much of a bad influence on her because she's just as sarcastic as me. She is also an incredible artist and I am so proud of her.

Stamp 15 - I believe in GOD by FullWhiteMoonSummer Stamp by Kezzi-RoseWriter stamp by WhiteKimahri

Stamp1 - constructive comments by visionpainterbrown eyes stamp by SheilaBrinsonFeedback by Mr-Stamp

Don't we all? by Snuf-StampsWriters Stamp by shadow-wolf-hauntsStamp: Love Commenters by Flame-of-the-Phoenix

I love Feedback by Sweet-DooDoSo Many Books by LaPurrStress 3 by Foxxie-Chan

Your To Hold

Your To Hold

“I think we’re meant to be together.”

“Don’t hold your breath.”

In the summer of 1993, a chance meeting between Aiden Summers and Elena McKenzie sparks off a summer romance that has the power to change their destiny forever.

After that first meeting, Aiden believes that he has found his soul mate, the cynical and cold-hearted Elena... unfortunately she had no interest in him whatsoever. But the charismatic musician isn't willing to give up. When he and his band relocate to a new town in hopes of being discovered, he finds that Fate has led him straight to Elena's hometown. Now all he has to do is make her a believer in Fate and, more importantly, in love.

Elena has a heart of steel, but Aiden slowly begins to find holes in her defences. Will she be able to finally move past the pain that overshadowed her whole life or will she push away a chance at true love? Will Aiden be able to let the love of his life go in order to wait for her return or will he hold on and fight for her?

Yours to Hold ~ 1Chapter One ~ Hello, Goodbye
May 1993
     “What about L.A?” A twenty-one-year-old drummer asked his band mates. He squinted at a map of the States that he had spread across the bench they were sitting at.
    “We’re not going to get anything done in L.A, Ted,” Steve, the pianist replied in a bored tone and tilted his head back so the sun warmed his face. “I need a cigarette,” he added longingly.
    “There’s too much competition in L.A,” Mac, their bassist added. “Los Angles is full of posers looking for fame. We’re not getting grouped with that bunch. Right, Aiden?” He nudged the inattentive guitarist.
    “What?” Aiden asked distractedly without looking away from the spot he’d been staring at for the last twenty minutes.

To Do List

To Do and Coming Soon

Awesome Stuff To Read

:iconmariamukaji: --->

:iconessieo-novels: ---> The Diary of Ray by Essieo-Novels

:icontiffmalloy18: ---> Daydreams Chapter 1-----------------------------------
Title: Daydreams
Chapter 1: The Beginning
Anya's POV
The circle of candles flickered around me as I sat in the darkness. I closed my eyes and tried to clear my thoughts. 'Tried' being the keyword.
Come on Anya just breathe and relax. They have been getting worse. If only I could just get rid of them. I've tried everything I could think of and nothing worked.
"Ugh, this is getting me nowhere right now." The only light in the room was the flames on the candles, which burned freely around me. The shadows on the walls flickering and changing shape continuously. It had a strange calming effect to watch them. "Well, let's try again," I whispered to myself. I closed my eyes again and cleared my mind.
Finally freeing myself of all thoughts, I began to feel weightless. The emotions that I have been feeling were melting away with each individual breath. Breathe in….. breathe out..... in..... out.....
Just whe

:icongraphite-master: ---> When Summer EndsThere was a place in the world where all flotsam eventually drifted to. All the jewel-studded goblets of the royal ships, the colorful plumage of ladies’ hats; the torn flags attached to planks of wood, all the way to spices and tea and the carefully crafted fashion dolls that seemed a bit too real for personal comfort. One way or another, the wind would blow, the waves would dance, and the planet would turn so that all nature’s might would send the floating junk to a cluster of islands in the southern seas.
It was after a terrifying storm had raged in the north; the islands were waiting for their usual haul, and were beginning to see the glints of rum bottles, when a lump of cloth clinging to driftwood washed ashore.
After stirring a few times, the lump stood.
He was a man of advanced years, with eyes shining fiercely like a hawk’s. His hair and scraggly nest of beard carried bits of ocean that forever rid them of their natural color. By his rude demeanor he might ha

:iconprismgal: ---> Prologue: The Runaways   Prologue 
    "Come on, Isaiah," Fred said. "You're next in line." 
    Dawn couldn't help but notice, in her 8-year-old mind, that Fred sounded sad."Why are you sad, Fred?" she asked as he ushered her friend Isaiah into the little room that most of the kids were going into. Fred gave her a melancholy smile. "Because I won't see you for a little while after this, Dawn." 
    This was all the explanation she needed. Nodding, she twisted around to see the very back of the line of kids around her age or younger. She stretched up on her tiptoes and was able to see all the children in the whole line. Her eyebrows creased together and she folded her arms over her chest. "Where's Chase? Why isn't Chase in the line?" she pondered aloud. 
    Nobody answered.
    And then her friend Isaiah came out. Dawn beamed. "Hi, Isaiah." she said. He looked around in confusion, his expression bewildered. 

My sister - who is the best :heart: - has spruced up my profile :D 

2 deviants said Finally making use of my premium membership :w00t:
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